New Stop Motion Movie in the Works!

2014-03-03 16:10:51 by MisterMacanulty

This is the big one, guys. This is why I've been so quite for so long. Here's a tiny tiny teaser because I'm very busy and also I don't want to give anything away. Stay tuned! Here we go.


A Very Sexy Christmas

2013-12-26 11:01:40 by MisterMacanulty

It's the Sexy Shorts Christmas Special, Charlie Brown!

New Sexy Shorts!

2013-09-04 22:35:03 by MisterMacanulty

Episode 4 is finally here! Show some love, show some love!

Sorry about the ridiculous wait, guys, I hope this one's worth it! I really feel like this episode is something special, a real turning point in the series. My greatest work!

Been taking a break from sexy shorts, but we've got a new live action series on youtube! Check it out:

Here's that thing, it's pretty okay.

New Stop Motion Coming Soon!

2012-12-20 23:15:48 by MisterMacanulty

In approximately two weeks, my first stop motion short is hitting newgrounds! You can see some behind the scenes stuff here:

and here:

Get pumped! It's gonna be awesome!

Front page? For me?!! Nearly had a heart attack there!

2012-12-04 15:55:38 by MisterMacanulty

I've been making flash movies since I was 12. Granted, I sort of stopped when I was maybe 13 or 14, but back in the day my biggest goal, the highest I could ever hope to achieve was to have one of my movies posted on the Newgrounds front page. Now, 8 years later, I'm living out my childhood fantasy! What a feeling.

Next month is gonna be huge, we're working on our first stop motion puppet short, something Aardman-y. Keep an eye out!

Front page? For me?!! Nearly had a heart attack there!